Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chapter 1: The Big Winner

In this chapter, Peter wins a turtle at the birthday party. When he gets home, his mother isn't thrilled about the new pet. Describe an experience you have had that is similar to Peter's. Have you ever brought something home that your parents were not particularly fond of? Can you identify with how Peter is probably feeling?  Share your experience.


  1. I have three cats. My husband and I adopted the first cat, Omar, at Petco. We planned ahead before we adopted him, and both agreed that we wanted a cat. For 2 years, we just had Omar. Then, in 2007, I found another cat outside. I fed her for a couple of weeks before I decided that she was a stray cat.

    This time, my husband wasn't as excited about getting a cat. He liked Omar well enough, but preferred dogs over cats. He didn't want to leave Bella outside though, so I went ahead and adopted her. She turned out to be his favorite cat.

    After two years, I found another cat outside. My husband was out of town, so I texted him a picture and told him what happened. He really didn't want a third cat, but I convinced him that it would be fine. Now, we have three cats and both agree that we don't need anymore!

    I'm sure that Peter's mom didn't want him to have Dribble because she was worried that she would be the one taking care of the turtle. I hope that Peter is a responsible owner and proves his mother wrong.

    1. I think that you should get one more pet-a dog. The dog could protect the three cats. (Thyrien M-Mrs. Tucker's class)

    2. Thyrien,

      My husband would love to get a dog! We agreed that when we buy a house and have a fenced yard, we will get a dog. I know my cats won't be happy about it, but they'll get over it.

  2. I found a turtle and my brother and I took him inside and put him into one of our old fish tanks and we fed him fish food. A few days later my mom said we couldn't keep it, so we let it go in a swamp near our house. (Bricin E.-Mrs Tucker's class)

  3. I found a turtle once,but never kept one.My cousin had one and she put it in a bucket with water,and they played with but there mom told them to let it go.


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